Terms and conditions

  1. Ordering method
  2. Obligations of the seller
  3. Obligations of the buyer
  4. The purchase price of the goods
  5. Delivery terms
  6. Delivery date
  7. The way of delivery 
  8. Shipping
  9. Order cancellation
  10. Complaints
  11. Consumer contracts and letter of right to withdraw 
  12. Discount code



You can order online, directly on our website. If the direct ordering doesn’t work for some reason, you can order in the form of regular e-mail to our e-mail address info@poggo.eu, containing the name of the ordered goods, size, number of ordered pieces, your exact address and telephone number. You can also send the order in writing to the address given in the Contact, or call our contact phone number: +421905141395, we will be pleased to answer your queries. Please note that you must confirm your order made by phone in written (resp. in the form of e-mail), otherwise your order will be not considered as delivered. By concluding the sales contract in the manner described in this paragraph you as the buyer undertake to pay the purchase price for the ordered goods valid at the time of placing your order.


We undertake to deliver to buyers: The type and required quantity of goods, in quality according to the description of goods, under the payment terms valid on the day of sending the order by the buyer. Goods are corresponding to all standards, legal rules and regulations valid in the territory of the Slovak Republic. Our goods are suitably packed to prevent damage during the transport. We are not responsible for: Delayed delivery of goods caused by the post office. Delayed delivery of goods, due to incorrectly provided address of the recipient. For the damage of the shipment caused by the post. The selection of goods by the buyer.


The buyer undertakes: To take over the ordered goods, to check the integrity of the packaging and in the case of any defect to report it immediately to the seller. To pay the purchase price of the goods in the amount under the provision of payment conditions valid on the day of sending the order by the buyer to the seller. In the event that the buyer does not take over the goods (based on the order), the seller reserves the right to claim damages.


The purchase price of the goods listed in our online shop are valid at the time of ordering the goods, they shall not be changed in the event of future price reductions or increases. We reserve the right to adjust the purchase price in the event of changes in exchange rates or a significant rise in inflation, which will have an impact on the prices of goods and the seller cannot influence them. For the avoidance of any doubts, in the case of writing error on the e-shop the purchase price of goods is the purchase price stated by the order confirmation of the seller. The sales receipt is the invoice, which is attached to each shipment, which serves both as a delivery note and guaranty statement. The postage will be added to purchase price of the goods. The price of postage corresponds to the amount of the price for transport according to the buyer’s choice during the order entry in the section called Transport.


We usually ship the ordered goods within 2 – 7 working days from the date of delivery of a valid and complete order and from the order confirmation of the e-mail order of the buyer. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to extend the above stated delivery time.


The delivery time is no later than 1-2 weeks after receiving the order. However this term is exceptional, our standard delivery time is from 2 to 7 working days from the date of delivery of your valid order. 

If you need the ordered goods by a certain time, we recommend to state as a note the date when you would need the goods, so we will try to arrange your order as soon as possible. Please note that we do not guarantee delivery of goods within shorter period than in accordance with the information in this paragraph. If you do not receive the shipment after 2 weeks, we recommend you to contact us by phone at telephone number: +421905141395 or via e-mail at: info@poggo.eu. During the contacting please provide us the number of your order. Sometimes our customers do not receive the notification from the post office about the deposit of the consignment.


We are sending the ordered goods:

  • Slovak Post service (parcel to adress)
  • DHL courier


If you order below 60EUR

  • by Slovak Post service 3,90€
  • by DHL courier 10€

If you order above 60EUR the shipping is for free. 


Dear customers, the online shopping in addition to indisputable advantages comparing to shopping in a regular store brings also some disadvantages. Despite of the scope of provided information, you do not have the opportunity to view the offered goods, or you may be wrong in your order. For the mentioned reason you have the option to cancel the order. However, you must do so within 12 hours after sending your order. 

Conditions of order cancellation: If after sending the order you find out that the ordered goods are non-compliant, or you were wrong in your order, you have the option to cancel your order without giving a reason. For cancelling your order send us the number of your order. The cancellation send to: info@poggo.sk and we will send you the confirmation of your order cancellation immediately. 

You have also the right to withdraw from the sales contract before the delivery of the goods, even without giving a reason. 

RETURN OF CONSINGMENT: After taking over the goods by the buyer, we always receive statements from the post office about the delivery of the consignment, which we are checking regularly. In the case when we do not receive the statement about the delivery for a longer period, we ask the buyer via e-mail to pick up the shipment, or to inform us whether he took over the consignment or not. If the buyer missed or could not take over the shipment within the specified period and he will inform us in advance or after our message, we will send the consignment at his request only after paying the purchase price by invoice to our account, but the cost of the resending must be charged again in accordance with the valid price list for supply of goods.


Before taking over and paying for the shipment from the post, please check on the spot that the shipment is not damaged. In the case of extensive damage (torn packaging, deformation and other extensive damage), we recommend not to take over the shipment. If you received a damaged shipment, please inform us without undue delay by e-mail or telephone. In this case we will send you a new shipment. The warranty period for the offered goods, is provided in the length of the statutory warranty period of 24 months, unless otherwise stated. The sales note is the invoice that serves both as delivery note and guaranty statement. The warranty period begins on the day the goods are handed over the buyer. The complaint shall apply only to: proven manufacturing defects caused by the manufacturer, which were discovered immediately after the delivery of the goods or during the using of goods. Complaint shall not apply to: errors caused by the user during normal use and wear and tear of the goods or damage caused by improper use. In order to acceptation of your complaint, it is necessary to follow several rules: After the taking over of goods, inspect the goods and the invoice, which serves both as delivery note and guaranty statement. If you find errors during the taking over of the goods, you are obliged to notify us about the findings by e-mail or telephone no later than 3 days from the taking over of goods. If you find any difference between the invoice and the actually delivered goods (in type, quality, quantity or price), or you receive incorrect invoice with the shipment, or if you will not receive any receipt about purchase, please inform us immediately by e-mail or telephone. If you find manufacturing error, contact us by phone or via e-mail. We will send you a Complaint Form and the form where will be stated the reason of the complaint together with the defective goods must be sent to our address at your own expense. Do not forget to enclose to the shipment a copy of the tax document you received with the goods and the copy of the delivery note. We will exchange the claimed goods for another one of your choice, or we will refund your money. Refund of postage and other fees is not possible. In the case of returning, please pack the goods to prevent damage. Damage to the goods during transport will result in denial of the complaint. Send the goods either in the form of package or as a registered post. In the case of sending goods by cash on delivery, such shipment will not be accepted. Complaint handling time: We handle complaints via e-mail or telephone on working days. The complaint procedure begins on the day of delivery of the claimed goods to the seller and ends on the day of sending the settled complaint to the buyer. About the legitimacy of the complaint we should decide no later than 3 working days from receipt of the claimed goods. About the result we will inform you via e-mail, unless otherwise agreed. The eligible complaints, including the elimination of errors, will be settled at our expense without undue delay, but no later than 30 calendar days from the date of initiations of the complaint procedure. In the event of an unjustified complaint, the goods will be returned to the buyer with the appropriate consideration. About the result we will inform you via e-mail, unless otherwise agreed.

Download Complaint Form

Download Return Form


In the event that the sale of goods (resp. the realization of the subject of performance) is carried out on the basis of a contract concluded by using means of distance communication (especially electronic commerce on the internet), the buyer as a consumer have the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of receipt of goods. Only if the seller does not provide the consumer/buyer information pursuant to Sec. 3 par. 1 point h) Act. No.102/2014 Coll. on the protection of consumers in sale of goods or provision of services under remote contracts or contracts executed outside the business premises of the seller, as amended, this period shall be 12 and 14 days from the receipt of goods. If the information is duly transmitted within that period, the 12-month period shall end and the fourteen-day period shall begin thereafter. However, the consumer may not withdraw from the contract in the cases exhaustively listed in the Sec. 7 Act. No. 102/2014 Coll. on the protection of consumers in sale of goods or provision of services under remote contracts or contracts executed outside the business premises of the seller, as amended. The consumer´s notice of withdrawal from the remote contract must be delivered to the seller by the end of the withdrawal period and the complete goods (performance) must be properly returned to the seller in its original condition with all documents and documentation delivered to the consumer. For the quick processing of the case, it is necessary to return the goods to the same address of the seller, which is listed in the documents provided with goods as the place from which the goods were sent to the buyer. The consequence of the withdrawal is the obligation of the parties to return everything they received under the contract. The direct costs of returning of goods to the seller bear the buyer, in the legal position of consumer. After the withdrawal and proper return of the goods by the buyer to the seller, the seller is obliged to return to the buyer the amount of purchase price paid for the goods, without undue delay. The remote contract with the consumer may be terminated only the conditions laid down by law. WE WISH YOU A PLEASANT SHOPPING.


Discounts or gift vouchers cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions. Discounts or gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.